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How Your Business Can Make Use of BULK SMS APIs Within Your Business Marketing Strategy

Best Communication APIs for SMS
On average, users spend more than an hour a day checking their phones. Therefore, many marketers try to get hold of this fact by sending their promotions and offers through email, web push notification and SMS. People tend to be more responsive towards text messages as they associate them with more personal communication. In fact, many of users will choose SMS over emails as a predominant channel of interaction with businesses when it comes to One Time Password (OTP), appointment reminders, financial transactions and many more.
There is no doubt that SMS is a game changer for every type of business. Here are some ways that every business or industry can adapt SMS marketing which will improve the overall marketing strategy of the business.


A client-friendly text message appointment reminder can make it easy for your clients to confirm their appointment and also to cancel or reschedule the appointment. This mean for business owner lose out on income when the customer does not show up as business owner still have to bear the cost for employee and operation cost. It is preferable for business to spend a small amount of money by sending an SMS Reminder to remind their customers about their appointment instead of lose out on that potential income.

One-Time Passwords (OTP)

One Time Passwords is a numerical password which can only be used once. OTPs make it difficult to gain unauthorized access to restricted resources like bank accounts or a database with sensitive information. By delivering OTPs through text messaging is a mass market way to prevent phishing and pharming attacks.

Customer Feedback

It is very important to constantly improve your business and maintain a good relationship with your customers. Business owner my use Two-way SMS to collect feedback from your customers and make use of the information received to make positive changes to your business and implement those feedback within your marketing strategy.
If you would like further information about SMS marketing, the best platform to use to achieve maximum impact, or how to get started with your first text blast, feel free to contact us or visit our website to learn more.