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Text Messages VS. App Notification

With the era of almost everyone is mobile phone users, it has become essential for companies and brands to use the right mobile marketing strategy to connect and attract potential customers. There are plenty of mobile marketing solutions that can be used and it could be a hard decision for companies and brands to choose the right solutions.
The most common ways of mobile marketing for brands and companies to connect with their customers would be text messaging and mobile app notifications. Both of these mobile marketing solutions have its own advantages but clearly, that one has a stronger advantage over another.

Why SMS Marketing Solutions are More Effective than App-Notifications.

With the continuous rising of smartphone users, many mobile users tend to be addicted to mobile apps and spend quite a lot of time on them. However, according to a report conducted by Business Insider have stated that most of the consumer’s time is divided over particular popular and widely used apps.
Popular mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat are not easy to compete with. However, by using SMS service, you would not need to worry to compete with those apps because mobile users DO NOT need to download and access to any of application to be notified.
The next problem with app notifications is that they are mostly non-native applications which are to say that users need to first search and download the apps before they can receive any notification. As users may simply download and install the apps, they can also uninstall them anytime or they may just turn off the notifications of the apps. While for text messaging, the user can have immediate access to the SMS service without needing any download process because it is a built-in function on every mobile phone and the most important user cannot delete and uninstall this feature on their phone.
You may take the advantages and utilize the SMS function since the SMS messaging application is built in on every mobile phone and there is no any development cost needed so you do not need to spend a single cent on maintenance and update costs of the app. Therefore, all you need to do is create a good text message content that will help you strengthen bonds with your customers and also increase your business sales.
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