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Building a Good Services in Food delivery App with SMS

SMS Service Provider for Food Delivery App
As in any industry, SMS can be used to improve business practices. Food delivery application is no different. Food delivery application need to step up and be more efficient by sending SMS verification code during the application sign up process, order confirmation code for tracking, and handling customer services. Which is where SMS notification come in. SMS should be a part of your delivery application process to ensure that your customers are well-informed with the entire progress of the food delivery.

1. Receive Instant SMS Verification Code

Nowadays, the smartphones user has escalated all around the world. Most of the business industry will generate their application to cater the technology. Food delivery business is no different. It is highly recommended to use SMS API for Mobile App SMS verifications as it is more reliable and secure apart from sending blast SMS for business marketing messages. SMSHubs.net online SMS platform offers you the service to send out SMS verification code or PIN key to your customers mobile number to verify their account registration. This process is a must to do for verifying the customer’s account information.

2. Instant SMS Notification for Order Confirmation Code

One of the benefits of using SMS is that it can instantly send an order confirmation code for tracking purpose when you done a food order in the mobile App. This ability is extremely important and valuable when it comes to food delivery industry business. After the SMS notification was sent, it can let your customer to keep track on their food delivery status and real-time update about their food delivery status. All this done is to improve the quality of your food delivery service and building up your customers’ confidence.

3. Send Bulk SMS Promo Code

One of the best ways for boosting customer engagement is by creating Promotion to your client. SMSHubs.net bulk SMS service provider provides you the platform to send bulk SMS with promotion code that generate a unique shortened URL to every single SMS recipient’s by Mtac.io. It not only helps your business to increase sales but also assist your marketing team to explore more and depth understand of your customer behaviours. Using Mtac.io to “Track & Shorten URL”, your business can track out who click your link, when they click the link, where they click the link and more. The information is pivotal for your marketing teams to understand the consumer behaviours well.

4. Customer Services & Survey for Your Services

Implementing SMS survey for your business can help you to understand your customer satisfaction towards your service. When your customer receives their food ordered, you may send a SMS survey form to your client to collect feedback on the food delivery services. It helps your business to collect more opinion on your services and improve better in the future. SMSHubs.net is a SMS blast services which allow your business use two-way SMS to collect feedback and opinion. It will be much convenience and cost efficiency compare to call or email.

SMSHubs.net is the best communication APIs for SMS that provides variable SMS type to support your business sending. We have SMS API sending, Two-way SMS, bulk send SMS services as well. The most important is, we have Mtac.io to “Track & Shorten URL” that improve the SMS quality, which allow your business to track more information when recipient click on the link you send. SMS blast services platform for every business industry is the most cost-effective way to reach your clients and getting a high response rate.