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Why Website Developer Company Should Utilize SMS Service

Website Developer Company SMS Service
With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses were affected and required to make an immediate announcement for any changes or update about their business operations or services. During pandemic period, most of the brick-and-mortar business choose to shift their business into online concept and seeking for a website developer firm. A website that can make their business looks professional.
SMSHubs.net SMS platform service can provide you a basis to improve your service proficiency and comprehensive for your website developer business to suit the needs of your customers.

SMSHubs.net Provides SMS verification for Website

It is highly recommended to use SMS API for a website sign-up / registration verification due to its reliability and security. With 98% of open rates, people tend to read the SMS text they received compared to junk/spam mail or adverts, which easily get ignored. SMS verification for every website is playing an important role, especially in verifying every sign-up user smartphone number. SMSHubs.net online SMS platform offers you the service to send out SMS verification code or PIN key to your customers smartphone number to verify their account and it is highly reliable. Your client’s business website will be more effective and efficient by integrating with our SMS API.

SMSHubs.net Provide Instant SMS Information for website

Through SMS API, you can design your client’s website to send out informational SMS, website lucky draw coupons redeem or others online action done throughout the website. With SMSHubs.net online SMS platform, you can customize the SMS text messages of your client’s website recipients with personalize text message content. It will help to improve your client’s CRM (customer relationship management) that build by your business team side.
Online business customarily prefers a website developer that does the work from A-to-Z for them for their website instead of sourcing for multiple website developer companies to assist or support for their website.
This is why we highly recommend your website design or developer company to cooperate or utilize with a SMS service provider.
SMSHubs.net is the best communication APIs for SMS that provides variable SMS send type to support every type of business sending. We have SMS API sending, 2-way SMS, bulk send SMS services as well. SMS automation sending through an SMS API, which will target straight to the right person. Make your website builder business more professional and comprehensive.