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SMS Timing Affects Your Marketing Effectiveness

SMS blast service Malaysia
SMS is a cheapest communication tool in the world. Sending an effective bulk SMS is not only sending a valuable SMS but sending SMS at the right time is the most important thing. SMS marketing will work when the message and timing is right. Using SMS blast service as your main communication tool is low cost and have the best open rate compare to all marketing channels.
Sending effective SMS text messages will generate positive response. In SMSHubs.net, our SMS blast service provide 1-way SMS and 2-way SMS for bulk SMS or SMS verification sending, schedule SMS sending, automated sending and etc. Most of the businesses will use SMS blast services when having a promotion, festival, new launch, membership deal, year-end sales and more. We are here to guide you to blast your marketing SMS with a good response rate.

Choose the RIGHT time to blast SMS on WEEKDAYS

Time is an extremely important element which can affect your bulk SMS value and response rate. To send bulk SMS, you need to choose the right time where your recipients have time to use their mobile. Not in the early morning and not in the midnight. Due to the research, weekdays 11.30AM - 2.00PM or 6.00PM- 8.00PM is a popular time to send SMS text messages, this is because your recipients are having their lunch and after the office hours. In this time, they will touch more on their phone for checking messages and others. Texting them in this time, you will get a better response compare to early in the morning.

Choose the RIGHT time to blast SMS on WEEKENDS

Using SMS marketing to improve your business, you will also need to grab your recipient attentions on the weekends. Sending bulk SMS, you will need to give some moment to your recipients to think about your offer when they are free. Weekends provide more freer time to pay attention on their phone. Sending bulk SMS around 10.00AM - 7.00PM is popular. In the morning of 10.00AM, most of the people are awake and having their breakfast or brunch. In the afternoon and evening, most of the people will pay attention on their phone nor matter they have activities outside or stay home. Sending SMS at this time, sure you can get a good response compare to other timing.

Why choose SMSHubs.net as your Online SMS platform

SMSHubs.net is the best communication APIs for SMS that provides schedule SMS function, which is very useful and convenience for your business to send your bulk SMS at the right time. Our SMS online platform provide Quick Send and Campaign Send. The main difference between these two sending is schedule. Quick send is for sending SMS immediately and Campaign Send is for sending schedule SMS. Your business can use SMS blast service to schedule festival wishes SMS, promotion SMS, sales SMS and etc to improve the SMS quality and response rate. Once customer pay attention to your SMS, your SMS marketing is in the road of success.