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How SMSHubs.net Mobile SMS Link Tracker Can Help to Track Your SMS Campaign Performance

SMS Link URL Shortener
SMS text marketing is still a very effective business marketing tool nowadays. Text messaging service is a component of most telephone, internet and mobile device system. SMS uses standardized communication protocols that enable mobile devices to exchange short text messages.
In general, people will check their phone 85 times per day on average. The point is that people keep their phones handy and are always ready to use them for checking the latest update about social media news.
Technology has a significant improvement in the past 10 years whilst the quality improvement of bulk SMS is increasing as well. SMSHubs.net comes out with a new feature called – mtac.io that allows you to “Track & Shorten URL”.

What is Mtac?

Mtac is a URL shortener and tracking tool, which can help can you to improve your business marketing strategy and understand your target audiences better upon your SMS text message is exposed to your audience.

Why URL Tracker is Important for Your SMS Blast?

Mtac.io URL tracker can help and manage to track the 5W1H of your bulk SMS for developing a better business marketing strategy.
5W1H stand for:
What they perceived? (Promotion/Notification content)
Why they click the link? (Interested/Uninterested)
Who clicks the link? (Segmentation)
When they click the link? (Time)
Where they click the link? (Geographically)
How they click the link? (Using which devices/browsers)
The 5W1H information is crucially useful for marketers to understand their business target audiences. The information can be used to improve your Bulk SMS content quality and it can help you to manage and decide a suitable campaign or event in the future.

How to input URL for every SMS?

SMSHubs.net is an online SMS platform that provides SMS blast service for sending bulk SMS with a trackable link.
Step 1 : Prepare to send SMS text message
Go “Send SMS Campaigns” → Create a campaign → Choose a phonebook group → Select or type out your message content in the “Message Box”
Step 2: Input the link in SMS Text message
You need to paste your website link into the Long URL box → A unique code [%%mtac%%] will appear in the “Message Box” → Choose a phonebook group → Place [%%mtac%%] to the right position in your SMS text messages content. The [%%mtac%%] will replace your original website link and generate unique shortened URL for every single SMS of your recipients.
For example; Let’s imagine that we are a restaurant business that promoting a special offer.
“John Pizza here. Click %%mtac%% to check the exclusive offer.”

Mtac.io Shorten URL
Sample: Mtac.io Shorten URL

Once done, please kindly insert the shorten link code - [%%mtac%%] in your SMS text message and then tick “Schedule Your Campaign” – Schedule sending or Send Now.
Click Send !
SMSHubs.net is a bulk SMS service provider that provides users with all the tools to send bulk SMS text messages to their potential and existing customers. SMSHubs.net is the best communication APIs for SMS and SMS URL link tracker function as it is very vital to understand your business target audiences and it can help to improve and develop better business marketing strategy for future campaign and activities. Your business can use SMS blast service to schedule festival wishes SMS, promotion SMS, sales SMS and etc to improve the SMS quality and response rate with URL tracker feature.