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Improve Mobile App Usability Through SMS API

SMS API Automation
Integrating with an SMS API technology brings various features that can increase your mobile app usability and to operate smoothly. Concurrently, it is inevitable for the app developers to abstain from SMS API integration as its capability of SMS automation sending that can improve efficiency whilst making it easier for your mobile app to operate for your customers and potentially reach new audiences.
Nowadays, the smartphones user has escalated all around the world compares to other devices like computer users. The presence of smartphones perfectly helps businesses to stay connected with their customers. Additionally, generating a verification code SMS by integrating with an SMS API from your system to user that down download your mobile application to verify their account will conversely improve the usability of your mobile app. Besides, you may also send a customize text message SMS about the mobile application guideline along with offer treat to your loyalty customers.

How to use SMS API to improve your Mobile Application usability

1.SMS verification is more reliable and secure for Mobile App

It is highly recommended to use SMS API for Mobile App verifications as it is more reliable and secure. With 98% of open rates, people tend to read the SMS text they received compared to junk/spam mail or adverts, which easily get ignored. SMSHubs.net online SMS platform offers you the service to send out SMS verification code or PIN key to your customers mobile number to verify their account and it is highly reliable. Your mobile applications will be more effective and efficient by integrating with an SMS API.

2.Call to action for your Mobile App

Call-to-action is a lead signal for bulk SMS marketing, whereas it can convert visitor into potential consumers. After the customers proceed through the verification step, they might still unclear about your mobile application particularly. With SMS API, you can send a guideline SMS to your customers on what step to do next or explain your mobile application after the customers have successfully verify their account.

3.Send Customize Discount Coupons / Vouchers for Your Mobile App

Through SMS API, application/website developers may send their mobile app coupons, vouchers or birthday offers to their loyal customers with customize SMS text messages. With SMSHubs.net online SMS platform, you can customize the SMS text messages sending to your recipients with personalize text messages content. It will let your customers feels that they are treated like VIP’s whilst it also helps to improve your CRM (customer relationship management).
SMS text marketing is a very effective marketing tool. SMSHubs.net is an online SMS blasting platform that allows application/website developers to integrate their mobile application to our SMS system to send out SMS automation. SMSHubs.net with the best communication APIs for SMS can help improve the relationship between your business and potential customers through message sending due to the SMS automation sending through SMS API, which will target straight to the right person along with providing them a guide on your mobile application. Once the customer needs are fulfilled, your business will be improved as well.