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SMS Tips for Cinema Industry

Nowadays, mobile devices are portable and it has become a lifestyle for peoples to use it to book movie ticket via online. SMS marketing is a very effective marketing tool that a cinema sector can apply for its business. As most people, used their mobile devices to decide what movie to watch. Using online SMS services, it can be used to send the purchase confirmation, promotional or any new upcoming movies. SMS should be a part of your cinema business to ensure that your customers are well-informed on their booking confirmation, promotional or any new update on cinema movies.

1. Movie Ticket Purchase Confirmation

    Nowadays, cinema has developed apps for online ticketing purchase. By using our online SMS platform, cinema business can send SMS text messages of ticket purchase confirmation to their customers’ when ticket was successfully purchased. Sending SMS reminder for booking confirmation to confirm the attendance of your customers can somehow increase your customer satisfaction. Customer’s will feel that they are treated like VIP’s and they will refer or introduce to their friends and family.

2. Boost Ticket Sales with SMS

    By using SMS text message, you can promote upcoming movies or events to boost your cinema ticket sales. As we know that, one of the best ways for boosting customer engagement or boosting sales is by creating promotion to your clients. SMSHubs.net bulk SMS service provides you the platform to send bulk SMS with promotion code that generate a unique shortened URL to every single SMS recipient’s by Mtac.io.

3. Update Upcoming Movie

    As mentioned above, by using SMS text message, you can promote upcoming movies or events to boost your cinema ticket sales. Online SMS platform allows you to schedule your SMS Text message to be sent out automatically to inform your loyalty customer with the upcoming movie before the movie release date. Besides, you can also include website link about the movie trailer in the message text content.
    A successful SMS marketing content can provide you notable analytics to improve your business SMS marketing campaign. SMSHubs.net is the best communication APIs for SMS and it is suitable for cinema industry. SMSHubs.net is also an online SMS blasting platform that allows application/website developers to integrate their mobile application to our SMS system to send out SMS automation. It helps cinema business to send out purchase confirmation and upcoming movie trailer to boost their business’s sale though API Integration. Once the customer needs are fulfilled and satisfied, your business sales will be improved as well.