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Send Automated Text Messages with SMS Automation to Improve Business Growth & Customer Communication

SMS API Automation
SMS API automation, enables your text messages SMS with the purpose of notifications, information’s, reminders and others related text message contexts to be automatically sent out accordingly with the structured and schedule time. Customarily, all you need to do is to finalize your text message SMS template content in our SMS online platform whilst import your database contact lists and set the sending date and time in SMSHubs.net system. Through the API integration of our SMS API gateway, it also allows mass text messages to be sent out automatically from our system, which is similar like bulk SMS sending with just a simple coding.
SMS automation allows your business to have an instant communication with your customer’s. It is extremely crucial as the preponderance of customer preferred for a quick response or instant communication from their service provider for their queries. Through SMSHubs.net SMS online platform advance and comprehensible SMS API integration it has become to a solution to a website, application and software developer for their website business and made possible to interact, engage or reach the customers’ when state like any new/existing customers perform any action like sign-up, online transaction and others.

Type of SMS Automation Favour by Website Developers

1. New Sign Up / Support Text Messages

Through SMSHubs.net SMS API integration, it allows your business website, software or application to do SMS automation sending of new sign up or system support text messages. The text messages received by the customers’ can lead and let your customers comprehend on what to do next or what action to take. This text message is crucial as thanking them for their interest in your business services will make the customers feel valued whilst you may also provide them handy bits of information and guideline to lead them well.

2. SMS Verification Text Messages

Through SMS API, you may use SMSHubs.net SMS online platform to send out SMS verification code or PIN key to your customers registered mobile number to verify/validate their account or other reasons. Mobile number is very personal and it is the core delivery addresses to carriers all information transmissions. Sending verification code text message through SMS API will let your customers feel secure and protected.

3. SMS Reminders

In addition, you are able to use SMSHubs.net bulk SMS online platform to structure your text message, SMS content well with the auto SMS characters count system to ensure that the text message content is not exceeding 1 SMS count 160 characters per SMS and schedule the SMS sending time to updates or reminders your customers on certain updates or SMS marketing news.
SMS reminder text messages will show that you treat your customer like VIPs, it will increase your business goodwill, reputation and perception towards customers.
SMSHubs.net with the best communication APIs for SMS allows you to send SMS automation through SMS API integration to improve the quality of communication between your business and your customer and increase the efficiency of your business productivity. Using SMS service makes it easy to attain the customers’ attention and needs. Once the customer needs is fulfilled, your business will be improved as well.