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SMS Text marketing to Boost Your Fitness Gym Centres Sales

Fitness gym Centres SMS Text Marketing
The power of SMS marketing remains an effective, yet underutilized, mobile tactic among marketing leaders. As in any industry, SMS can be used to improve business practices and Gym fitness centres. By using SMS text message marketing, gym fitness centres can send out offers and information directly into the hands of your customers. Not only that, online SMS platform also provides you a channel that connects you with current and prospective members.

Send Welcome Message to Your New Members

Use SMS text message to welcome your new members. Connect with them using SMS to encouragement that gets them excited to join your Gym fitness centres. You may also use bulk SMS to reach large population of new members, send them a guideline so that new members have a direction on how to start their fitness life in your centres.?

Blast SMS about Centre Class schedule / Maintenance

SMSHubs.net as an online SMS platform, it allows your business to bulk send SMS to a large population of members to update about class schedule and maintenance on your gym’s equipment or facility, uncertain problems. This will make your members feel satisfy rather than without any single notification provided. Use blast SMS to let your clients know more details about the situations.

Billing Reminders for Members

With customize SMS function, gym fitness centres able to blast SMS to different members with different charges on the package they had registered. People don’t like suspicious charges on their account. So, sending billing reminders can let your members appreciate the remind and willing to make payments on time.

Promotional SMS for your Gym Fitness Centres

Gym SMS marketing is used to reach large groups of customers instantly on their phones for announcements, appointment, payment reminder and also promotional. Promotional SMS is the best parts of using SMS texts messages to communicate with members. Offer special value to your members such as Redeem 1-Hour coach in this month. Make sure to offer value with each message, and to them straightforward.

Ready to start sending out gym and fitness texts?

SMSHubs.net is the best communication APIs for SMS that provides variable SMS send type to support your business sending. Short-code SMS use to send welcome SMS and information SMS. 2 way SMS can be used to send appointment SMS and promotional SMS. SMS text message offer simple and cost-effective automated SMS via internet solutions, it enabling gym fitness business sector to achieve better productivity at lower cost.