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Advantages of Two-Way SMS for Bulk SMS Marketing

Generally, with Two-way SMS you are able to send and receive messages from your customers through web-based platform. In terms of using two-way SMS as one of your business marketing strategy, the capability of communication to your potential customers in bulk, is an effective way to reach out to your target market. Here are some reasons why two-way SMS is essential to the success of your marketing strategy.

1. Cost Effective, High ROI

Compared to others type of marketing strategy like advertisement on TV, radio broadcast and etc, running SMS campaigns is incredibly affordable. Using two-way SMS marketing solution is not only can be more cost effective but also offers a higher ROI. This makes SMS marketing attractive especially for some new start-ups who might not have much advertising budget.

2. Higher Customer Interaction

For example, you send out a two-way bulk SMS asking your customers to respond telling you which product are they prefer by replying certain keyword. Some of them might be busy at work and not be interested in responding. However, later the day when they are free, they are still likely to reply the SMS. Not only that, your customers will not need to spend on data or dragging minutes on calls if they are interested, they can just reply your SMS with certain keyword you provided in your SMS and you may provide them the right information that they needed.

3. Quick and Flexible

Despite the continuous trend changes, SMS is still comparatively flexible and constant. Two-way SMS s a simple and immediate exchange of messages. By using two-way SMS, you may bulk send a text message to a hundred of customers within a few minutes. With the new marketing ways that constantly popping up every year, you need to keep up with the real-times is not easy. However, SMS is definitely here to stay and has been proven effective.
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