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The Power of Bulk SMS Marketing

By far the quickest, easiest and most effective way to reach your audience and engage them on the most personal level. With SMS, marketers enjoy 98% read and open rates, 40% and higher response rates. No need for app development and download.

Bulk SMS Gateway lets you send and receive text messages with the best cloud communication API that most developers trusted on.

Why Developers Love Our Global Bulk SMS API and Gateway

SMS Communication

Communicate to Groups

Send tens, hundreds, even thousands of text messages at once.

SMS Customer

Generate Leads

Build up your mobile database, add leads and busness contacts

Global SMS

Grow Your Business

Acquire, engage and retain your customers with SMS Marketing.

SMS Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Compliance

Guidance and built-in elements to help you build trust with your customers.

SMS API Gateway

Build & Innovate

Tap into our simple and powerful SMS API integration.

SMS Support

Superior Customer Service

Talk to real people and receive the assistance for successful campaigns.

A Global SMS Platform That Allows Software Developers To Help Enterprises Grow Their Business

Enterprises Use Mobile Marketing Service Because SMS Features Include....

SMS Advertising

SMS Membership

Member Account Balance, Card Renewal Reminder, Member Events Notification, Newsletter.

SMS Marketing

SMS Donations

Non-Profit Organizations/Charity Donation Ad, Organ/Blood Donation Ad.


SMS Coupon

Product Discount Voucher, Reward Coupon, Rebate Code.

Bulk SMS Gateway

SMS Greeting

Birthday Greeting, Festival Greeting e.g. New Year, Christmas day, Valentines day.

SMS Reminder

SMS Reminder

Meeting / Appointment Reminder, Regular Check Up, License Renewal Reminder, Birthday Reminder.

SMS Blast Service

SMS Advertisement

Promotion, Discount, New Product Launching, New Branch Opening.

SMS Notification

SMS Notification

Announcement, Product/Company News Update, Company Information's Change Notification.

SMS Delivery Report

SMS Report

Test/Exam Result, Health Report, Acknowledge Report Day Notification.

How To Send Bulk SMS Marketing Messages

Best Communication APIs for SMS
Import Your Contacts

Kindly format your contacts and save the document in Excel / CSV file. Once you are done, simply select ‘Import,’ and your lists will be formatted and stored in SMSHubs for use of bulk SMS Campaign blasting and sending.

Bulk Text Messaging for Businesses
Create Message Template

Once you have all your contacts in a neat group, now you may begin to draft your SMS marketing campaign message template. Head over to our Templates tab, create a template with any name you’d like to use, and then go in to edit your message content.

Send Text Message
Start Sending

Send SMS to tens, hundreds even thousands of customers with SMSHUBs SMS blasting service with a click or through SMS API. Once your list has been uploaded, and your message has been customized, you are ready to send out your bulk SMS marketing campaign.

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