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How Using Two-Way Bulk SMS Marketing Can Impact Your Real Estate Business

Two-Way SMS
Mobile messaging or SMS is a powerful platform, which enable you to reach a large number of audiences. It is one of the dominant communication tools with least requirement, which only required you to have a mobile phone. By using bulk SMS as a communication tool, it can fulfil most of the property agent essential business needs. For instance: They can reach their prospects by sending out SMS to unlimited recipient with just a simple click on their bulk SMS gateway provider platform.
Hence, bulk SMS services are definitely a crucial marketing communication tool for the property market to promotes and enhancing their sales and events. Let’s see how bulk SMS can support and improve with the property business industry.

• Help to Reach All Your Targeted Audience Instantly

Through online bulk SMS system, database which collected through property events or surveys can be easily imported to the system with just a simple click. To add, they can also customize their SMS content to make it more personalize through the online bulk SMS system. This helps them to save their time and to reach larger audiences at the same time at a cheap cost.

• Higher Open Rate and Exposure

Sending bulk SMS will definitely bring higher exposure to your property business due to its high open rates of SMS. The open rate of SMS is 98%, which is higher compared to email as no internet connection needed to open it while a stable internet connection is required to access and open an email to let your prospects know about your property business is and what you are offering to them. Precise and concise SMS content will let the prospects know what action needed to be taken in response to the SMS they have received should they be interested.

• Find Out Potential Prospects by Filtering Your Database

On top of that, the online bulk SMS platform has the features, which allows you to receive your prospects replied and check their reply in your account inbox. Through these replies, you can constantly update your own database. For instance: By sending out SMS to 1000 recipients and getting 700 replies from the prospects asking for more information, you can know that these 700 prospects are interested with your property business. Therefore, you can send out SMS to these 700 prospects for any new property launching of your property business. For that reason, you can easily track your prospects and new database collected from events or survey, which is interested on your property business. This will help you to identify and sending out right SMS content to the right prospect.
Customarily, to maximize your business marketing tactics for your future property business events and new launch property, do ensure that you have online bulk SMS services as your business communication and advertisement tool.